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Establishing a Company Wellness Program vision and brand for your organization’s Corporate Health Promotion Program:

Why it’s important and how to do it

The Company Wellness Program Vision

A Company Wellness Program vision statement is a concise statement that summarizes the purpose and goals of your organization’s commitment to creating a Corporate Health Promotion Program. Taking the time to clarify and describe your organization’s Company Wellness Program vision can provide a focus and a consistent direction for your Strategies for years to come. The vision statement reminds leaders and employees of the link between employee health and the organization’s ability to achieve its overall mission.

Answer the following questions and you’ll have the components needed to build a simple and effective Company Wellness Program vision for your organization’s culture of health:

• What do you want your Company Wellness Program to accomplish?
• How do you plan to accomplish it?
• How does this Company Wellness Program mission support or further the organization’s mission?

A sample Company Wellness Program vision statement might be . . .

To have employees who perform at their best and who enable XYZ Corporation to be an industry leader in printing quality and customer service (organization’s mission), XYZ Corporation is committed to offering opportunities for healthy behaviors during the workday (how) in order to encourage employees not to smoke, to be active, and to eat healthfully (what).

The Company Wellness Program Brand

In the same way that your organization’s name and brand image provide visibility for your business, your Strategies toward creating a Company Wellness Program will benefit from being easily recognizable to employees:

• A consistently used Company Wellness Program brand on all communications sends a message to employees that the commitment to a culture of health is here to stay.
• A Company Wellness Program brand institutionalizes the culture and makes it more likely to withstand changes in staff and budget.

Do what you can to engage employees in creating the identity (brand) for your organization’s Corporate Health Promotion Program. Not only are they more likely to accept the name, it’s also a great way to announce to employees the organization’s Company Wellness Program commitment. Here are two possible approaches to involving employees:

Option 1: Have a Company Wellness Program contest

1. Announce the Company Wellness Program contest guidelines and deadline.
2. Have the Wellness Committee review the ideas submitted, and pick a name.

If, for example, your organization, Premier Building and Design, is in the commercial construction business, you might receive the following Company Wellness Program ideas from employees:

• Cornerstone: Feeling well is what it’s all about
• Premier Elements: Building healthier employees
• Custom Build: Building health builds wealth
• Building Health: Designing better employee health

After reviewing the entries, your Wellness Committee determines that it likes the name “Premier Elements” and the subtitle “Building health builds wealth”. Your committee awards the “name the Company Wellness Program contest” prize to the two employees, those who submitted the pieces of the name that represent the final product.

Premier Elements: Building health builds wealth

3. Select a Company Wellness Program logo to go with the name.

The Company Wellness Program logo is an important piece of the branding

• Review any ideas submitted for Company Wellness Program logos.
• If you’re fortunate to have a graphic design professional at your organization, enlist her or his help with developing the Company Wellness Program logo!
• As an alternative, pick a piece of clip-art that fits with the Company Wellness Program name you’ve selected. For example, the organization referenced above might look for a symbol that conveys building, health and wealth.

Option 2: Wellness Committee determines the name and brand

1. Have your Wellness Committee brainstorm Company Wellness Program names.
• To get ideas flowing, ask members to write down all health-related words and words associated with your organization or industry.
• Try clustering words together as in the construction organization example above.
2. Once your Wellness Committee has narrowed down the possibilities to about three ideas, have committee members vote to select a name for your culture of health.
3. Select a Company Wellness Program logo to go with the winning name.
4. Announce the organization’s Company Wellness Program and the corresponding Company Wellness Program name. Explain that staff members on the advisory committee chose the name.

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